Space Goats on Acid

A mind bending 2222 NFT collection from the hand of acclaimed artist Ed Merlin Murray

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Space Goats on Acid

Cosmic Experience Generator

Combine your Space Goats into our mystical 3D cosmic experience!

Uses the traits from your original SGOA NFTs. Choose from DMT, LSD and Psilocybin experiences, with more to come!

Share the experience with your friends, take screenshots for social media. Get lost in a world of hallucinatory fun.

Example Experience

Meet the Goats

9 unique, hand drawn goats, in two distinct incarnations, Planetary and Flipside

Antehis Hircus
Antethis Hircus
Elvig Oreamnus
Elvig Oreamnus
Empyrean Falconeri
Empyrean Falconeri
Gluon Siberica
Gluon Siberica
Lumina Ibex
Lumina Ibex
Nihil Capra
Nihil Capra
Silen Nubiana
Silen Nubiana
Tempes Aegagrus [flesh]
Tempes Aegagrus [flesh]
Tempes Aegagrus [skull]
Tempes Aegagrus [skull]

The SGOA Team


Ancient Astronomy Theorist

Illustrator extraordinaire and frequent interplanetary astral traveller, Ed brings back the visions he collects on his third eye travels and renders them in pen and ink for humankind to witness, should they dare.


Pineal Commander

Interdimensional cosmic devlord, Olaf resides in his alpine stronghold, behind a bank of 400 glittering monitors. Bringing to you only the freshest goatcode, incomprehensible to mere mortals.


Captain Capricorn

Dev Prince among men, Conan brings years of steadfast wisdom and knowledge to an otherwise unruly and overexcited rabble of hooligans.


Professor of Planetary Planes

Discord Dame, Twitter Temptress and Witchy Wordsmith.

Discord Team Ultimate Goats

Ben I lovely Little Goat

Always ready with some tender, loving goat (TLG)

Btorn Goaty McGoatface

The mod with the patience of a GOAT

Capt. Hooftrip

Verified Psychonaut and GOAT space traveller


The business GOAT of the SOL-ar System


Ultra Organised GOAT Queen


Outside the box GOAT thinking always ready with a LFGoat


GOAT master of the bass, Loyal FGOAT