Space Goats on Acid

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Minting Help

Ledger Users - Mint failure

If you have your wallet secured with a Ledger device, please ensure you have enabled “Allow Blind Sign” option in your Solana app settings on the Ledger device.

This ensures that your Ledger can be properly controlled by the minting process. It does not introduce any security risks as you must still approve each transaction on your device.

Please see https://support.ledger.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016265659-Solana-SOL-?docs=true for more information on using your Ledger with Solana.

$CAPRA tokens

If you are on a presale list, you should have received some $CAPRA tokens into your chosen wallet. These should display the symbol $CAPRA and an SGOA logo.

Your presale benefits will be automatically enabled when you connect your wallet containing $CAPRA tokens to the Space Goats on Acid website. Please make sure this wallet also has enough $SOL to make your purchases!

Some wallets have not yet updated their coin list. In these cases the $CAPRA tokens may show as Unnamed Token and have the mint hash: GzMYkPvEccCxn7bvZh8Jhz 87GhrASKhVadn9LHE4zVDy

If you think you should have been airdropped some tokens but can‘t find them in your wallet, raise a ticket with our support site, or connect with the team via Discord and we will help you out!

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the Space Goats?
Space GOATS are an algorithmically generated collection of NFTs on the SOL blockchain from artist Ed Merlin Murray and friends.
Where can I buy a Space Goat?
Space Goats will be available to mint HERE
How much do Goats cost?
The exact cost will be determined closer to the launch date, itself yet to be decided, based on Solana NFT market conditions.
Where will the Goats be after minting?
Secondary sale GOATS will be available to buy on Magic Eden.
What else do the Goats offer?
A percentage of profits will be donated to Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies 25% of secondary sale income will be given back to the GOAT community (for holders of a set and in receipt of limited edition compound NFT) Holders of a Madame Sofia’s Oracle of Wisdom and a Space Goats On Acid will receive a FREE limited edition crossover NFT on SOL