Minting Help

Getting $CAPRA tokens

You can now request $CAPRA tokens from our CAPRA FAUCET channel on Discord!

Please send us your wallet address, and we will airdrop you some CAPRA which you can use to gain access to the mint. We'll let you know as soon as this is done. You will then have received some $CAPRA tokens into your chosen wallet. These should display the symbol $CAPRA and a SGOA logo.

Simply connect your wallet containing $CAPRA tokens to the Space Goats on Acid website. Please make sure this wallet also has enough $SOL (1.3SOL + fees) to make your purchases!

Some wallets have not yet updated their coin list. In these cases the $CAPRA tokens may show as Unnamed Token and have the mint hash: GzMYkPvEccCxn7bvZh8Jhz87GhrASKhVadn9LHE4zVDy

If you think you should have been airdropped some tokens but can‘t find them in your wallet, raise a ticket with our support site, or connect with the team via Discord and we will help you out!

Ledger Users - Mint failure

If you have your wallet secured with a Ledger device, please ensure you have enabled “Allow Blind Sign” option in your Solana app settings on the Ledger device.

This ensures that your Ledger can be properly controlled by the minting process. It does not introduce any security risks as you must still approve each transaction on your device.

Please see https://support.ledger.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016265659-Solana-SOL-?docs=true for more information on using your Ledger with Solana.